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Clear Bra Specialists since 1997, Premier Protective Films is located in the heart of the San Francisco Bay in Fremont, California. We specialize in advanced paint protection film solutions (aka – precut and custom “clear bra” installations), nano IR window tint installations, and radar detectors / laser jamming systems.  Why choose Premier?  Through the years, Premier has garnered a reputation of excellence amongst casual and serious auto enthusiasts around the globe.  We have achieved such level of prominence by using the best products (manufactured by Prestige Film Technologies) in the window tint and paint protection film industries, coupled with proprietary installation techniques that garner the highest quality results.  In addition, the paint protection film (Clear Bra) industry has seen a tremendous in-flow of new installers and outflow of veterans since 2008. Today, window tinters, detailers, and other automotive companies are adding this service at a rapid pace, which leave consumers with sub-par or inconsistent results. Examples of Bad Installations

Premier offers a host of paint protection film coverage options. From the very basic pre-cut clear bra coverage to extensive full vehicle protection, Premier is the most experienced company in the industry.  When it comes to our custom paint protection film installations, we are capable of eliminating most seams, relief openings, and mult-piece joint lines that are prominent in computer generated templates. Clear bra application is very much a craft that requires years upon years to become proficient and many more years beyond to master. Rest assured that choosing Premier for your paint protection and window film solutions would mean obtaining quality results that are unmatched in this industry.

As an authorized Passport dealer we specialize in custom stealth laser diffuser and radar detection systems (9500Ci and Beltronics STiR) for those who seek an OEM integrated unit in their vehicles. Premier’s secret? - house some of the most talented individuals on the market to achieve installation results that remain exclusive to Premier.


Premier Protective Films and Premier Motorcars
42630 Christy St, Fremont, CA 94538
Paint Protection Film:  
ClearGuardX and Satin Guard by Prestige Film Technologies
Nano Window Tint for Auto:
Spectra PhotoSync Nano Tint by Prestige Film Technologies

Commercial / Residential Window Films by Madico
9500Ci Laser Jammers + Radar Detectors by Escort
Banners, Digital Media by 3M

We understand that our clients have very busy lives, which is why we minimize this impact when your vehicle is brought to us. We have a spacious lobby with free wi-fi set up for our customers looking to work while you wait for your vehicle to be serviced. We also have Hertz working closely with us so that our clients may have a rental vehicle in situations where waiting at our facility is not an option. 

Just 2-4 blocks from our facility are 3 large plazas with a variety of restaurants and shopping venues that makes visiting Premier a comfortable trip.

As a company that was built upon unshakable foundation of service and quality, these fundamentals are also brought to Premier Motorcars. The latest in Premier’s expansion in the automotive sector now includes luxury / exotics sales. Whether you are seeking to sell your vehicle via consignment or looking for that rare machine, our full sales staff at Premier Motorcars will be able to assist you. Please visit Featured Vehicle For Salebelow to see what we have available.

In 2007, our company expanded to include graphics wrap for luxury / exotic autos, fleet vehicles, and building windows. This brought us to make further investments into our company with the creation of a new department - Premier Graphics Design Firm (PGDF).  As with any services and products with Premier, we targeted the best tools for this new division. Premier purchased one of the most advanced quality printer on the market – Roland Pro III XC540. Capable of producing photo-realistic images at 1440x1440dpi, entrust our team at Premier for assisting you with banners, wall graphics (commercial / residential), and any other media to enhance your company vehicles

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KoenigseggFeatured Vehicle for Sale

2005 CLK DTM

(2300 miles)

1 of 100 Global Production & ONLY 5 in the USA  

In stunning black, this CLK DTM was brought in and federalized to be street legal in 2005.  Only 100 coupes were ever made and only 5 of them brought into the USA. Plenty of carbon on this car makes this a lightweight supercar with 580 hp on tap & over 592 lbs of torque that rockets to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds!  Original MSRP was $295,000 and the federalization process + customs costed an additional $110,000.  This is quite the Discount!  One owner, no accidents, no paintwork – ALL Original.  Service docs available.

Price: $405,000.00

Discounted: $165,000.00

Please contact: 510-623-1308 or

PF1 Products“Uncompromising Aesthetics and Protection”

Protect Your Investment
PF1 Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra)
2 Step Maintenance

Traditionally, plastic cleaners were the main source for cleaning paint protection film. However, these products were never designed specifically for clear bras. Chemicals within plastic cleaners can actually be harmful to the film if left on for an extended period of time. Certain propellants within aerosol canisters are responsible for excessively drying out the pores of the clear bra, which then leaves them open to the elements. (cont'd)

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Why Use Premier?  As with many things in life, we all see products and services from a value perspective. It is generally assumed that all installers’ quality workmanship are universal; therefore, pricing would dictate ones decision in choosing who to use. However, there are fundamental issues with such assumptions. Below are links to those who unfortunately made decisions purely on the logistics or cost basis:

2010 Lamborghini LP670-SV

1932 Ford

2008 Lamborghini Superlegerra