Clear Bra – Also known as Paint Protection Film (PPF) / Clear Film / Clear Wraps / Xpel / 3M / Suntek
Premier Protective Films International also known as Premier Mobile Group is a company of highly skilled master installers for all clear bra films.  Premier is located in the heart of the Northern California Bay Area (Fremont, CA) and have been applying paint protection film for high end clientels since 1997. Premier’s 20+ years of installation experience includes Clear Bra films such as ClearGuard Nano SR, Xpel, Suntek, 3M Pro, Avery Nano Fusion, STek, Llumar, and other proprietary films from custom crafted patterns or pre-cuts from Xpel and Armourfend.  There are many paint protection film solutions from car bras, Ceramic and Glass Coatings, to wax and sealants, but none combine protection from scratches, key marks, swirl marks, bug guts, bird droppings and rock chips with the aesthetically pleasing look of invisible protection on a clean paint job.  Unlike spray on clear coats, Clear bras are 100% removable by trained installers and act as invisible barriers to bug and bird dropping acids, rocks, and abrasive sand particles.  Cars, motorcycles, boats, and planes have been using clear bra films for over two decades and have used names like stone guard, PPF, urethane film, clear film, clear wraps, paint protection film, Xpel, clear armor, and 3M film; but a name by any other name is still  - clear bra. 

Sizing up the right Clear Bra need

3M is one of the most widely known paint protection film / clear bra manufacturer for automobile protection because it was the first company to market.  Other companies have since made marketed their own Clear Bras / Clear Films such as Xpel, Suntek, and Prestige ClearGuard Nano SR. While These PPF's all provide great protection, Premier's choice is ClearGuard Nano SR by Prestige Film Technologies. Ultimately, the final results of a clear bra installation is based on the installer's experience and installtion know how.  This is where we at Premier have set ourselves apart from the competition. The difference between Premier installers and others out there is we believe “custom” is not just about custom kits versus pre-cut kits.  A custom job application is about hand selecting the best film for the job.  Our installation takes into consideration compound curves, aggressive body styles, boxy edges, color of the car, the clarity of the film versus orange peel, scratch resistance, elasticity, the desire for invisible seams & edges, impact zones for paint chips, and the special needs of our customers.  Selection of the proper film for the proper situation is vital. This is where ClearGuard Nano SR stands out above the competition.

Clear Bra Films - Characteristics

No customer wants orange peel, but orange peel usually is a characteristic of the adhesive applied to the back of the clear bra film and the chemicals used to create the film itself.  More adhesive equals more “sticking” power, which allows for aggressive installs with one piece film applications and less lifting.  Certain clear bra films are more elastic than others allowing for greater surface coverage, but require more care during installation to prevent stretch marks and lifting.  And still others have hard shell clear coats for greater weather and acid protection, but are thicker, harder to install, and don’t have the elastic manipulation traits to cover all curves.  While these various traits may prevent other companies from good installations, we at Premier are master installers of all film types.  Years of experience has taught us how to stretch, where to stretch, and which clear bra film suits the needs of the car and owner best.

A Clean Clear Bra Installation

There is an age old adage that says, “if you want something done right, you should do it yourself.”  Well application of a clear bra is not a do-it-yourself vehicle protection job, but we treat all cars like it’s our own so you know you’re getting the best quality and care.  A good clear bra application is free from dimples, bubbles, fingers, stretch marks, dirt, debris, and visible seams.  Some say it is almost an art form than a trade.  Premier installers address all of the aforementioned with standards of excellence. 

At Premier, we offer pre-cut kits, signature wraps, and custom full car wraps.  This doesn’t mean door cups and leading edges for frontal impact zones, it means every square inch of your car from the roof and pillars to entire door panels and the rear hood.  Our clear bra film producers provide us with rolls allowing 50 inch front hood coverage; thus eliminating the unsightly seam across the middle.  Premier signature wraps include tucking into creases and under headlights, fog lights, and signal lights to reduce visible seams and create an aesthetically pleasing look.  Tucked seams not only look great, but makes it easier to maintenance when waxing.  When Premier says coverage, we maintain the “One Piece” rule where ever possible.  Any clear bra installer can cover a panel with multiple pieces and relief cuts, but this will leave edges prone to dirt and wax build up.  Few have the skills to do what we do, and only Premier has the experience to do it to perfection.