Certified Solar & Safety film Specialists

Solar / Safety
Today’s buildings have a greater need for solar and safety film application due to the extensive usage of glass. Madico’s window films’ composition has been designed for excellence in clarity and adhesion strength for protection from flying glass shrapnel. It has been traditionally known for window films to be “dark” to have effective solar control properties. However, with ever-advancing technology, high-grade window films can now remain relatively light while maintaining maximum solar heat reduction and UV blockage. With the high-cost of energy (expected to continue in its upward trend), having solar film applied can significantly reduce energy usage as well.

Premier is certified and also experienced in applying solar and safety film on various types of window frames. From the tiny details of preventing dust / debris exposure to creating as minimal of a gap as possible, it is our knowledge and expertise in the industry to provide our elite services to the market.

Protecting glass store-front from vandals is a high priority for business owners. Millions of dollars of glass damage are reported each year from graffiti alone. The cost of replacing windows on storefronts has become too costly for many business owners to change out each time an irresponsible individual(s) decides to leave a mark on the glass. Storefront windows are important for aesthetics purposes and because of glass replacement costs, many business owners / landlords do not replace it. This will, in turn, negatively affect the image of the business and property. Premier's solution - anti-graffiti film.

It is a thick, clear film that is applied onto the exterior of the glass and can be replaced at a fraction of the cost of a new window pane. The 4-6 mils film has an advanced scratch resistant coating applied from the manufacturer and can be cleaned with conventional glass cleaners. The storefront is an important business promotional tool to attract customers by professionally presenting products behind the glass. However, harmful UV rays can damage these wares from such exposure. An added benefit to Madico’s Graffiti film is the blockage of 99% of UV rays, which provides an invisible barrier protecting the business’s wares from fading. In case of breakage, the film holds the shards of glass together, leaving a large blanket of glass held in one piece which makes it easier to clean and dispose of.

Please contact Premier Northern California for all inquiries and services as Premier Southern California does not provide services for this division.