Client testimonials

From Discovery Automotive

Let me begin by sharing that as the result of the work we are fortunate to do for folks all over the world we are also equally fortunate to meet and work with what are considered to be “The Best of the Best” in the Automotive Industry.One such example of the best of the best is the team at Premier.

We have had the folks perform there magic on numerous vehicles. They have installed custom one piece clear bra and window tint at a level that we had never seen before. Once completed the finished surface shows no signs of being covered and then is treated as would have been the painted surface; washed, waxed, and even polished should minor imperfections result as the result of use over time.

From Gary J. Brauch - Ferrari F430

I just wanted to drop all of you at Premier Mobile a note thanking you for doing such a great job with the clear film application on my F430. Your professionalism and dedication are reflected in the flawless results. I was especially impressed with your own very high quality standards which resulted in your removing and reinstalling pieces that had flaws that I couldn’t even spot without your help.

That kind of dedication and ability are very valuable to me, and I will be recommending your services to anyone who is looking for the best available installers. Feel free to share this letter of recommendation as you see fit.

From T.N. - Porsche Carrera GT

It has truly been a blessing to find these guys through some of the automotive enthusiast forums. Prior to using Premier, my cars were being done by another company and although the work is not as bad as many I’ve seen at local drives, there were things about the clear bra that just didn’t seem all that “clear”. On my Basalt Black Carrera GT, the nose were filmed in two pieces (upper and lower), ¼ of the hood, fender caps, mirrors, and headlights via laser cut kits. The fitment was fine, but the installers told me that the “stretch marks” around the hood, bumper, and mirrors were normal because they had to stretch the material for proper fitment around the curves. I guess that is the way it’s supposed to be, or so I thought. Months later, I saw my friend’s black GT3’s bra done by Premier and I honestly could not locate the stretch marks on his car that I could easily find in daylight on mine. At that time, I knew I had to contact his clear film guy.

From Robert Spiteri - Ferrari F430

I just wanted to say thanks for the great wrap job you did on my 2005 F430. I am so glad I decided to go with the full hood, rocker panels and mirrors in addition to front bumper and half fender work. The detail and workmanship is the finest I've seen and your material is without a doubt the best out there. The eight hours you and your two associates spend on the car is testimony to the great result. I could not be any happier. Good luck to you and your crew at Premier.

From Steven Chang - Lamborghini Gallardo

The standards that your company upholds are well-known amongst us Italian machine owners. I have used many companies before and the final product is far from “clear”, until we were referred to you. You guys show extreme pride in satisfying the customers’ needs and have yet to see another company on par with your standards. The wrap that you and your team provided on both my brother’s Challenge Stradale and my own Gallardo is exceptionally clear. On a recent Sunday drive, one guy who is 3M certified asked if we would like to have our front noses protected with his kits – what a compliment. We told him that it was already done, which prompted this gentleman to inspect the bras on both of our cars for a good 15-20 minutes.

We are completely satisfied with the clear bra and will continue to support you in any way possible. I am sure you will find that the Hong Kong market will provide plenty of work for your new store. We wholeheartedly welcome such masters into our group!


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